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Recently, I had the pleasure of being featured on a wonderful blog, The Beauty BossParina, founder of the platform, frequently taps into and shares the stories and journeys of various beauty entrepreneurs–from Chaz Dean, to Bethany Mota, and even Zahir Dossa. I am so grateful to have been one of the lucky ones featured.

Here’s a glimpse of the interview:
Malvika’s passion for fashion and beauty started at the mere age of 4. As a college student, her passion led her to start her own Youtube channel and blog, StylebyMalvika, where she features outfit ideas, unboxing videos, and the latest 101 on fashion and beauty trends.  As someone who defines her style as “old-world classic”, Malvika has found her niche in the beauty and fashion industry. Read on more to find out about Malvika:

1. Why did you start your own blog and youtube channel?

Ever since I could remember, my interests and passions lied in fashion. From age 4, until now, I have had the same dreams of one day having a reputable position within the fashion industry where my voice is heard and opinion is valued. This yearning, coupled with my growing education in Marketing, was my inspiration for starting my blog, and I am so happy I did because it takes me one step closer to my dream. Plus, I get to inspire people along the way!

2. If you have to summarize your personal style in fashion and beauty what would it be? 

My personal style is old-world classic, which is a bit different from what people would typically classify as “vintage.” I like to think of myself as someone who uses her mother and grandmother’s philosophies around style and tweaks these just enough to reflect modern trends. I firmly believe the way you dress can impact the way you feel throughout the day. When I dress everyday, I do so in a way that would make me feel empowered…

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