NYFW SS19 Spotlight: Tibi Backstage

Today morning I was backstage at the Tibi show, tomorrow morning I’ll be sitting quiet in my 8AM class. What an insane feeling it is to live two lives in this world. Insanely good or insanely bad? Simply put, it’s insanely out of this world. To have had your first professional experience (aside from interning and such) alongside being an undergraduate student is perhaps one of the most unique experiences that I am eternally grateful to have had, and at the risk of sounding totally full of myself, I’m going to say that I’m extremely proud of myself for getting to this point on my own merit.

Anyways, here are some images from the Tibi backstage show that I am so excited to share with you all!

Be sure to keep an eye out on my YouTube (subscribe here) for my full NYFW vlog including my experience at the following shows:

Custo Barcelona

Concept Korea (IISE and LHE)

Australian Womenswear (Bronx & Banco, Elliatt, Saski, Elle Zeitoune, Jagger & Stone, Santina Nicole, Harvey the Label, and more)

Afffair! by Rufat Ismayil

Oxford Fashion Studio Showcase (Why Mary, Niki Srinivasa, Geoj Official)

Tibi Backstage

And FYI—all the images of the looks from shows I attended will be on my Pinionate channels for you to vote yay or nay on! Click here to check some of them out!

Stay stylish and on top of your trends as always!



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