The Ultimate Boss Lady Look

Feeling empowered to kick some butt (at work, at school, or just in general) sometimes gets difficult as the weather gets colder and the more festive, fun, and family-filled months of Fall loom upon us. With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, I sometimes find myself longing for the holidays to draw nearer and nearer, and thus my work ethic tends to slow. Luckily, my quick fix for this is dressing the part. Dress the part, and you’ll feel the part, right? Right. That’s why I am so excited to share the ultimate boss lady look with you all.

Blazer: @justoneanswer, Jeans: @hollisterco, Lip: @chanelbeauty, Eyeshadow: @smashboxcosmetics

This was a totally fun and feminine way to bring out my inner boss. I paired a Chriselle x J.O.A. minimalist plaid long blazer (which I personally found at Nordstrom) with an old lavender turtleneck from Banana Republic. What brought the character out of this look though, was totally the purple with gold-rim shades I put on (in my defense: yes, it was windy and breezy, but the sun was still out!) Also, I brought back the wet eyelid look by using a shade from my Smashbox ShapeMatters palette and dabbing the clear shade of my CHANEL ROUGE DOUBLE INTENSITÉ Ultra Wear Lip Colour duo on top. The dark purple lip was the colored end of my Chanel Lip Gloss duo.

So, the next time you find yourself lacking the motivation to get any of your tasks done, or work towards your short or long-term goals, inspire yourself via fashion. Anything well fitted (namely, a blazer) will suffice.


Stay driven.





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