Can I Wear A Scarf on my Head?

Fashion means doing what makes you feel the best version of you. Which means, if you consider yourself a master of tradition and classics, then style tends to be simple and stated, yet powerful. But, if you’re like me and somewhere in the middle of classic and spontaneous/creative, then you like to experiment with accessories and clothes from time to time. Thus, I decided to try something new with my favorite monogram shawl from Louis Vuitton–something inspired by none other than Gianni Versace.

Because I understand that wearing a scarf on your head is characteristic of different cultures–Spanish, Indian, Middle Eastern, etc…, it’s important that I address the following: I completely and entirely respect both the reasoning behind and the practice of covering one’s hair or head, regardless of the culture. Whether I am or am not part of one or more of these cultures is irrelevant, however. I personally believe that it would simply be unfair to say that covering one’s head is an act exclusive to members of a single culture. So, for anyone worried about any fashion choices that might be seen as “cultural appropriation,” remember that you absolutely have the right to express your creativity and love towards certain styles when putting together your own looks. Just be respectful, and don’t attribute your fashion choices towards trying to identify with or assimilate into a group. Be yourself but derive inspiration from whatever inspires you!

All this aside, it was not culture that directly inspired me in the case of this look. I was inspired particularly by old celebrities and icons wearing Versace scarves as head wraps–something I’ve seen coming back in trend.

Fellow bloggers @xeniaoverdose and @thriftsandthreads are just a few who brought it back at the Versace show last season. And while nothing can compare to the classic look on the Versace runways of a head scarf with full on Versace ensemble, I couldn’t think of any other way to wear my scarf than like so for my look the other day. Do you think I pulled it off?


Ann Taylor Pants

BP Sweater

Banana Republic Turtleneck

Sterling Forever Initial Earrings

Louis Vuitton Scarf


Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Palette (similar color by NuSkin here)

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

MAC Eyeliner

Brows + Contour via Smashbox ShapeMatters Palette



Keep experimenting with style, friends–for those who stop experimenting stop growing.




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