Inspired by the City

Who needs Netflix when you’ve got the beauty of city life to witness? The next time you have a free day, I urge you to challenge the side of your brain that tells you to take a lazy day, get up, get dressed, and go out and explore the closest city to you. The positive energy of a city can always be felt, and it would be a shame to waste the beautiful weather while it lasts. If you live in certain areas of the globe, you know it’s almost time for the colder days, so now is the perfect time to catch your last glimpses of the city before it’s covered in snow and/or rain.

shoes: @reebokclassics, outfit set: @femmeluxeusa, belt: @henribendel, wallet: @prada, sunglasses: @tomford

For a day out, I wore a neutral set from a boutique I found on Instagram, and used the accessories to define my look. The biggest spin I added was using my Henri Bendel Skinny Mini Scarf as a belt to give the outfit more shape. Aside from this, I wore sunglasses from Tom Ford, earrings made by my aunt, ReebokAlter the Icons sneakers, and a Prada wallet. I’ve always wondered whether it’s acceptable and/or safe to carry just your wallet around (especially in a city), but I decided to just go for it since life’s all about taking risks and trying new things–and yes, I indeed got through the whole day without getting mugged, haha.

The reason I’m advocating for spending your days exploring a city is because you can learn so much not only by “people-watching,” but also by understanding the stillness of nature and buildings among the hustle and bustle of a city lifestyle. I’ve always found it so contradictory how buildings stand so tall, grounded, and sharp-edged, while we often see people scurrying along, dropping coffee, or running from place to place. Not everyone is this way, though. There are some wise individuals you may find sitting in a coffee shop, listening to music, reading a book, or finding a pastime to derive inspiration from. Inspiration is why I love coming to the city. While finding inspiration does come to me via magazines, books, and articles, just like it does for these individuals, a great deal also comes from an appreciation for nature and my place on this Earth. The more I step out into crowds, the more I realize how I’m just one individual person in a sea of so much personality, talent, and uniqueness. I like feeling this way because it makes me feel like a part of a whole rather than an isolated part, constantly in search of other parts to create a whole.

In our lives, we often look for ways to feel complete, but sometimes just physically being around people can help you feel utterly fulfilled. We really are nothing without those around us.

The next time you’re looking for a way to feel grounded, complete, and fulfilled, run to the big buildings. You’re sure to mimic their characteristics as you simultaneously find yourself among other wonderful humans.



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