Navratri Special: All of Me

I couldn’t think of a better day to share bits of my heritage with you all than on these first days of Navratri–a time that symbolizes new beginnings and female power. To be entirely honest, I was very hesitant to write this blog post and share so much of myself. But, I know there’s power in bearing it all and allowing yourself to be completely open.

My Indian heritage is a part of me that I’m always happy to talk about in person, though I’ve been a bit hesitant to share it on Stylebymalvika platforms because I feared it was too distant from the topic of fashion. By looking at this all from a micro-level, however, I realize that there’s such a deep connection between my heritage and my value for fashion and therefore it’s imperative that I do share this part of myself with you all. From my experiences as a Bharata Natyam (Indian Classical) dancer to my favorite moments dressing up in sarees and ghagra cholis, the beauty and power behind being an Indian woman is something that I’m so proud of.

I still remember the first time the world of fashion and my Indian heritage came to a direct crossroads. This was when I interned for an embroidery export house in Mumbai, India, assisting with projects for Roberto Cavalli. I realized that world over, the fashion industry draws inspiration from the intricacies of Indian embroidery and print techniques–from Chikan Kari to Zardozi. I left my time there proud to call myself an Indian and felt less scared of proudly showing society that I indeed had a deep love for fashion as an art. While this is true, I cannot lie and say fashion is my one and only creative happy place…

To celebrate Navratri and the power of the female energy, I wanted to share, for the very first time, my 3 hour solo dance debut, because it was a byproduct of my love for the arts, creativity, and beauty, coupled with my innate qualities of focus and determination. I’ve been learning Bharata Natyam since the age of 6, and it would be ridiculous for me to not share it with you all since it has been integral in shaping who I am today. Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch the full 3 hours–there’s a special piece on the female Goddess Durga, who we typically celebrate during Navratri (skip to 1:29:28). Before you watch, just know you’ve been warned that you’ll see an entirely different Malvika. Here goes…




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