Let’s Talk About Travel Outfits…

Airport looks are a concept that seem to have caused widespread confusion. Why would one dress up to sit in a crammed space for an elongated period of time? Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of keeping comfortable?

These questions are entirely valid. Yet, airport looks are actually all about striking a balance between comfortable and stylish and not having to compromise on either quality.

I’ve found the perfect trend to sport when you’re jet setting: wear a jacket on a jacket. Since flights tend to be cold, it’s always important to bundle up in layers—no matter where you are headed. I’d start with a comfy tee, grab a light jacket, and then throw on an oversized jacket on top of that!

While the sunglasses were just an addition for the shot before I left for the airport, for the journey, I wore a plain white tank from J. Crew, a maroon colored Juicy Couture jacket, and made the look a bit more stylish with my oversized light denim jacket. Leggings (from VS Pink) were an obvious essential for this comfy-stylish outfit and topping it off with white Reebok Aztrek sneakers made it the perfect sporty look.

All in all, airport looks aren’t about wearing the highest heels and glossiest lip product. Well—for most, at least. The best of the best airport looks are effortlessly styled yet nuanced in some way. This jacket on jacket trend for travel is just that! And while it’s important to travel in effortless style, it’s also important to let travel broaden your mindset and aid in your personal growth. Check out this read I found on how travel changes your personality!


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