Fundamental Fall Colors

Lets face it; it’s not easy to rock an outfit containing several colors with confidence. If there’s one time, however, when mixing colors, particularly jewel tones, becomes more than appropriate, it’s during this Fall-Winter period; the last few months of the year.

I personally favor the fashion trends that are inherent to these months because they compliment medium to dark skin tones like mine perfectly. To all my darker complexion ladies, these are our months!

I wore the ever so necessary neutral fall 100% cashmere coat from the brand Fleurette, available at Neiman Marcus, with a monotone black look underneath. This consisted of a black turtleneck from Talbots and black leggings from VS Pink. Of course, I had to finish it off with a good pair of white sneakers–my Reebok Aztrek’s. Enough about the boring basics, though. I know what you’re thinking: what about that multicolored jewel-toned scarf?

Surprisingly, this is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent shawl that belonged to my late grandmother whom I adored. My fashion sense is completely reminiscent of her ideals and sense of dressing, but perhaps with a bit of a modern twist. Anyways, what I love is that it somehow manages to pay homage to my Indian roots via the print, but is also totally wearable with my normal looks.

Coming back to the colors—the scarf’s base is an emerald tone just deep enough to be appropriate for both Fall and Winter. The hints of neutral mustard on the scarf also make it Fall-worthy, and match well with this coat. Still, these Fall-favoring aspects are balanced out by the sights of deep maroon here and there that elicit a Wintery-Christmas feel.

I decided to pick up on this color for my lips, my eyeshadow, and the nylon Prada bag. I used a shade from my BH Cosmetics Desert Oasis Palette for the fiery shadow and mixed a few colors from my Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Palette for my lips. Even if it’s characteristic of Christmas, I’m forever a fan of this super flattering melange of bright red and dark brown. Indeed, my go-to lip color is often in the same color spectrum.

Will you be rocking jewel tones this month or are you saving them for December? If it’s too soon for you, this is an article I found on fall specific essentials that might be helpful. Regardless of whether you’re getting into the spirit of deeper tones now, or plan to in the near future, it’s time to fill our wardrobes with jewel tone picks. Who’s with me on this mission?


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