Halloween Special: Black and Orange Leisure

In full (ok, maybe not full) Halloween spirit, I thought it would be fitting to share with you this black and orange October inspired leisure look. I’m usually one who loves dressing up for Halloween, but this year my schedule is sadly entirely too hectic and I haven’t been able to make time to put together an outfit and go trick-or-treating (which, by the way, will NEVER be lame no matter how old you get). I won’t leave you completely hanging though; here’s an outfit perfect for both the months of October and November when the orange leaves are still around (whether on the tree or on the ground), a beautiful sight indeed.

It is hard to not want to dress in the spirit of Autumn, but sometimes there’s not a rhyme or reason to get fully dressed up. Luckily, Fall is the perfect season for sweaters and sweatshirts, and casual can totally still be cute. I wore this black Converse x ASOS sweater that I bought from the ASOS site last year, with my orange Free People high-waisted jeans. Because the sweater had a hints of various colors on the sleeve as well as scattered across the word ‘converse’ up front, I knew pairing it with a colored jean would work wonders. Actually, the fact that the color of the jeans does not directly match either the red, green, white or yellow on the sweater worked in my favor and gave the outfit a surprise element. BOO! (sorry for being extra cheesy).

I wore my now overly worn Reebok Aztrek sneakers, the largest silver hoops I could find, and my Dior So Real sunglasses to “hip-hop” up the look. To make sure I looked somewhat put together among all of this color and accessory craziness, I decided to match my lip to my jeans with this orange lip I created using two colors from my Smashbox Be Legendary lip palette.

Surprisingly, after an outfit as easy to throw on as this, I actually felt more confident and ready to face the day than I would when wearing ultra fancy or formal clothes and/or heels. Leisure wear dressed-up just the right amount can work miracles. In fact, even though this look isn’t necessary “athletic” in any way, I think the whole athleisure trend is growing on me—and on society as a whole. Ever since Chanel kept the biker shorts trend in style, showcasing it in their most recent runway show, I knew athleisure wasn’t going away just yet 🙂 Who else is a fan?


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