Raining Royalty

For those of you slightly confused by this title, purple is indeed the color of royalty. Rain brings in a bout of laziness, but one sure shot way to beat this is to channel your inner king, queen, prince, or princess to keep thriving, feeling, and doing your best. Ain’t nobody got time ‘fo slacking!!

For some reason, I could not channel a royal’s power without an insane pair of shades, so I threw on sunglasses with purple colored lenses to top off this look. Nonetheless, the rest of this outfit was fairly simple—a neutral sweater, feminine floral blazer from Nordstrom by the brand Lush, well-fitted brown pants, a Louis Vuitton scarf, and Chanel booties. Though let’s be real, it’s probably those last two items that really make this a look that I can categorize as somewhat royal.

Due to the rain, hair just had to be tied back somehow. I opted for my go to day-3 hairstyle: a middle parted, well-slicked low bun. And, to frame my face, I wore a pair of artsy abstract face earrings by the brand Kina and Tam. I made sure that both the rims of my shades and these earrings matched in terms of gold hardware.

On the whole, feeling powerful isn’t hard if you’ve got the colors and clothes to get you there, and this does not have to mean buying expensive luxury goods (although, that definitely wont hurt ;)). You can bring out any purple garments you own and put together a simple purple monotone look as well, paired with just the right amount of accessories. So, the next time rain, or poor weather conditions bring you down, get right back up, put on that purple, and hold your head high, honey—you’re nothing short of royalty.


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