The Obligatory Sweater Weather Post

While it’s true I may be a bit late to the game, the holiday season is finally near, and I’ve got the easiest, most fool-proof, stylish, yet simple look that will knock your holiday socks off. Just kidding–even a look as simple and stylish as this won’t get me to take of the holiday socks once Christmas songs start playing on the radio. But maybe I’m just special 🙂

Here it is: a simple sweater weather look that maintains style, comfort, elegance, and the warmth of the holiday season all in one. Whether you wear this for your Thanksgiving outings, or else save it for the days leading up to Christmas, this outfit will work like a charm.


Surprisingly enough, this over-sized, warm as a blanket, gray turtleneck sweater was an extremely affordable find from Amazon. On days when the temperature drops below 50 Farenheit, I simply add a layer or two underneath, otherwise I just throw this sweater on with a nice pair of fitted or skinny pants to complement–fashion is all about balance. In this specific look, I wore an old pair of brown leggings, my favorite animal print Tod’s handbag, and gray block heel boots from Ann Taylor to complete this look.

A quick side note–I’ve been feeling so much better where my hair is concerned nowadays. I don’t believe I’ve spoken too much about this before, but I generally do not like to style my hair unless I absolutely must–I’m a firm believer in avoiding unnecessary damage. Yet, this non-styling philosophy, in the recent past, has plagued me with terrible hair days. Formulate, a new, customize-able, all-natural shampoo and conditioner brand offered me a set of their products and allowed me to personalize it by taking a quick, easy hair quiz, which allowed them to come up with a tailored formula for my specific needs. I loved the results so much that I couldn’t stop running my hands through my hair the day after I had washed (as pictured above). Thus, I’ve decided to host a giveaway in tandem with them for you guys, so be sure to check out my Instagram stories to enter–no follows, no comments, no likes required, just sign up via my link provided by swiping up on my Instagram stories highlight @stylebymalvika.

Now, let’s back to styling this look. I think the best thing to do for a staple, flattering outfit for almost all this fall (or winter) is to locate a nice, solid-colored, over sized turtleneck. It’s so easy to pair and accessorize up or down as needed!




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