Geometric Grooves

I always feel my best when I take a really bold fashion risk that makes a statement. Sometimes, I actually like the feeling of having someone look at me twice (even if it’s a judgmental stare) for wearing something that might seem way out of the ordinary. I recently chose to pair a zig-zag patterned yellow and brown Zara top, with metallic silver pin-stripe effect pants from the brand Kensie and, that too, on a Sunday: a day when most people are sporting their best pair of sweatpants and over-worn sweaters. Talk about a walking piece of art (good or bad? You choose).

I’ve been inspired by shapes and lines after spending the weekend watching videos on iconic architects such as Zaha Hadid, among several others. The way architects are able to piece together unique and gravity-defying works of art that are based upon the merging of various geometric figures amazes me. Perhaps there is beauty in such a collision. I wanted to see if I could try to achieve a similar effect in fashion–instead of focusing on how each piece looked individually and whether one matched the other, I thought it might be a great idea to try on the look as a whole and see whether the geometric contrasts were able to achieve some unique fluidity. From the entangled rectangle earrings, to the round shape of my sunglasses, the zigzags on my shirt, and all the way down to the straight lines on my silver pants, I was a walking geometry class study guide.

I wouldn’t say my experiment was a failure, but I also wouldn’t say this was the best geometric mix-and-match I’ve seen within fashion. Nonetheless, I actually did feel that there was some fluidity in my ensemble and I firmly believe it is these out of the blue looks that photograph the best and make for great street style shots for fashion weeks and fashion events. For my fashion-forward friends, I encourage you to mix geometric prints to make a statement at your next event!





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