How to Not Be An Outfit Repeater

I’ve never had the luxury of being able to not repeat clothing items. As a student, you learn how to make the most of your limited wardrobe and wardrobe space–and while it sometimes is difficult to think so creatively, I find myself waking up every day excited for the challenge. Recently, on a whim, I decided to tie one of my older Zara blouses in a completely different way: instead of threading the belt through the waist-loops as intended, I took the two ends of the belt, cris-crossed them across my chest, and tied a bow at the back of my neck. And, I was able to turn this exclusively-saved-for-summer blouse into a winter-acceptable piece by layering it on top of a deep emerald green Zara turtleneck that I will admit, I stole from my aunt. In true winter spirit, I also made sure I accessorized this well–I wore my favorite statement Kina and Tam earrings to top off the look. I was so proud of myself; walking down the street, I even had an elder lady stop, smile at me, and make it a point to say, “that is a stunning blouse.” Little did she know what it was actually intended to look like when worn….

In London, at Bicester Village Premium Outlets

The fun thing about getting experimental with one or two aspects of an outfit is that you can still repeat the same accessories and other elements of the look without anyone noticing or realizing that you have indeed repeated the outfit. For instance, all three times in this past year that I have worn this blouse, I have paired it with my black Givenchy bag, and black shoes of some sort (here are the Prada Espadrilles that you can slightly see in the above photo). I firmly believe that while it is necessary to invest money in key luxury pieces, fashion should not have to be your biggest financial burden.

In Boston, enjoying J.P. Licks in Summer


I, personally, pride myself in being able to make the most with what I have. Even though it might look like I have a lot, I’ve actually just become skilled in wearing things in different ways. (OK, fine, maybe I do have more than the average person, but you get my jist). Point being, taking a few risks and wearing things differently can save you from being deemed an outfit repeater. *cue scene from The Lizzie McGuire Movie: “Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!”* Nobody wants that.

Image result for lizzie mcguire you are an outfit repeater gif


So, the next time you are hesitant to pick up that skirt, blouse, or whatever it may be, because you “just wore it the other day,” ask yourself if you can start a trend by wearing it in an innovative way.




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