The Well-Kept Secret to Stylish Layering

Layering–such a simple concept, yet so hard to achieve an aesthetic effect with sometimes. I, too, have faced my fair share of layering failures. Sometimes, it works out just alright, and other times, you just might end up looking like an unkempt inflated marshmallow. Luckily, my two recent experiments with layering have proven pretty successful. Here’s the biggest revelation:

Do not layer without adding a “pop” accessory or two to the look that will help frame it.

Here’s what I mean:

In the above look, I wore a turtleneck, and then a loose v-neck sweater. Without the belt and the neck scarf, however, this look would have given an extremely mismatched and non-cohesive effect. Not only did these accessories both help add the right finishing touches on the outfit, they also helped give it some shape. The sweater was from Free People, turtleneck from Uniqlo, belt from Louis Vuitton, skinny mini scarf from Henri Bendel, and shades from LoomRack.

This second look didn’t require nearly as much accessorizing, mainly because of the graphic, zig-zag nature of the Missoni poncho. I wanted to pull the focus to the design of the poncho while still allowing for some area of this overall look to have a bit more shape. I opted to frame my face, then, by pulling my hair back and adding statement triple-sphere earrings from Mango, and of course, similar to above, slim cat-eye sunglasses from LoomRack.

When it comes to layering, you want to think about how best you can style the outfit–using an accessory somewhere to add some element of shape to the look. Let’s face it, looking like a marshmallow no matter how cold it is outside just isn’t an option anymore.




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