Running Out Of Ideas? Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

“I’m running out of ideas,” I whisper angrily to myself as I glance at my watch, appalled at how late I’m running. Sometimes, in these very moments of panic, the greatest ideas can come about. Creatively speaking, I’ve been much more experimental with my fashion when I’m literally forced to—due to time constraints, lack of options, or simply because I’m running behind on laundry.

In the moment of chaos, my brain immediately got a bit creative and began to think about wearing my items a bit differently and layering in a new way. I picked up a few of my essential, favorite pieces and threw them on all together. My gray jumpsuit from Yoox is one that I generally use for rather formal looks, but I decided to break the bounds of categorical trapping in this way. Under this, I wore a heat-tech long sleeve sent to me by Uniqlo. Atop the jumpsuit, I threw on my overly casual denim jacket, which added a bit of edge to this look, and my belt from Louis Vuitton (one that you’ve seen on me a million times already) added shape to the look and drew it to a close. Lastly, I wore black boots I had bought a while ago from Nordstrom.

Because I knew this look, although made of wardrobe essentials, was a bit bold because of the unique pairing, I decided to fully embrace the bold; even in my makeup. I wore a dark shade in between deep purple and dark burgundy, and felt that it was the perfect time to do so. The holidays are coming so jewel tones will be all the rage! Plus, this shade matched my nails. Bonus points. Lastly, I accessorized with my Rosefield Boxy Watch–the perfect gold colored watch for the holidays, which I love for the reason that it works for casual to semi-formal looks and doesn’t break the bank.

Overall, I want to say that the point of this post is to remind you of the following: try not to take fashion too seriously. Let yourself experiment, try new things, and sometimes forget about trying to blindly follow trends. You have what you have in your wardrobe because you were drawn to those items. Now use them in every which way possible!




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