Casual Colorblocking

When you’ve got a closet full of basics in all different colors, the easiest way to dress is to put together different variations of outfits and see which color pairings both a) suit your skin tone, and b) fit the season. Owing to the Christmas spirits inherent this month, I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate red and green in my look, but I didn’t want to limit myself to two colors–instead, I crafted a multi-colored outfit that was casual, paid homage to my LA roots, and also fit both criterion I mentioned earlier.

I decided that since my nails were already painted red, I’d do the following: roll on a Clarins velvet red lip to match the Stella McCartney bag sitting atop my suitcase, and wear my new favorite non-traditional hoop earrings with a hint of red from Les Georgettes by Altesse. Thinking back, this was probably the first instance wherein my makeup and accessories were actually decided before putting any garments on.

As for the outfit itself, I started with my dark olive green pants from Banana Republic (I wrote a blog post about this store and a few other inexpensive and practical stores where I get all my basics from). I’ve always been a fan of greens because–like red lip shades–there’s always a shade of green that matches your skin tone; you just have to find it! After putting on my pants, I knew that since my earrings had a bright gold hardware, and since I was leaning towards choosing sunglasses that did too— that picking up my mustard yellow top (from Nordstrom) that just about matched these was my best bet.

The hardest decision was choosing what to wear over this to keep warm. Should I play it safe and go for a black blazer to match my pinned back hair? Or maybe go for a black bomber jacket to keep it casual? When I tried both of these items on, both looked a bit too perfect–a bit too put together. So, in true LA fashion, I threw on my favorite light-blue denim jacket, and called it a day. Sometimes the fun in fashion is the fact that a look is slightly out of the ordinary, right?



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